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About Us

About Us

"Shapers & Makers", as the name says, is a corporate training company with a touch of customization. We purely believe the fact that training programs are tailor made as per the needs and demands of the clients.

About Our Training

Training is all about taking the participant to another level by enhancing his skills and acumen so that he becomes capable enough to contribute to the company goals in a more effective and efficient manner. Training on a regular interval brings about the required changes in ones personal and professional approach towards life. Keeping this aspect in mind, we have a pool of expert trainers in specific areas that serve organisations of numerous industries.

We believe in a 360 degree approach - becoming an integral part of our clients business so as to know much about their business and challenges. We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving the bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred and most trusted client focused customized training providers.

Mission Statement

 To empower clients with the knowledge that 'shapes' and directs their business.
 To ensure flexibility by delivering varying training packages that; suffices the dynamic needs of clients.
 Creating a learning environment that provides Innovative and exciting learning experience for all the participants.

Our Core Values

Like the Rainbow which brings about a positive and colourful atmosphere after raining, our core values will also 'Shape & Make' and contribute to the professional atmosphere of our valued clients.

 Leadership - Strengthening our roles as information providers and leaders with the courage to 'shape and make' a better future.

 Integrity - Consistency with company values and business ethics.

 Quality - Responding to our clients' needs by adding Qualitative values to our products & services. Giving our best to the clients.

 Professionalism - Operate based on a set of defined values that guide employees and business best practices.

 Collaboration - Provide opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner within industries and business communities.

 Innovation and Continuous Learning - Welcoming Innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and pursue growth and learning advancement within industries.

 Passion - Determined and Committed

Meet our Team

our cool & professional staff

Mr. Manmindar Singh

Subject Matter Expert

Stuti Vadalia

Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Sarwan Singh

Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Mr. Unni Krishnan

Subject Matter Expert

Ms. Ruchi Joshi

Immigration Expert